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October 2015


This October 2015 issue is filled with information! It provides a link to the new NCEO website, with many new topics and lots of new information, plus summaries of and links to several new NCEO products. You will find the report on the National Conference on Student Assessment pre-conference forum, titled Implementing Accessibility Frameworks for ALL Students, which focuses on the challenges and opportunities of the new context of many new assessments. This issue also highlights the results from the 2014 Survey of States, a report on graduation policies for students with disabilities who participate in states’ general assessments, and the latest Data Analytics report on public reporting of state assessment data on students with disabilities.

– Martha Thurlow, NCEO Director

website_homepageNCEO Launches New Website

NCEO has launched its new website (, with many new topics and lots of information. The new design makes the site easier to use, and easily accessible across different devices.

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NCEO and ASES SCASS Joint Forum on Implementing Accessibility Frameworks for ALL Students

NCEO and the Assessing Special Education Students (ASES) State Collaborative on Assessments and Student Standards (SCASS) recently held a joint forum on the topic of implementing accessibility frameworks for all students. The specific focus of the forum was for participants to hear several perspectives on this topic and then to discuss the challenges.

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2014 NCEO State Survey Report

2014cover-for-WebNCEO is pleased to announce that its report titled 2014 Survey of States: Initiatives, Trends, and Accomplishments is available on the NCEO website.

This report highlights the fourteenth survey of states summarizing results for the 50 regular states and eight of the 11 unique states that responded to the survey. The report provides a snapshot of the new initiatives, trends, accomplishments, and emerging issues during this important period of education reform as states documented the academic achievement of students with disabilities.

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States’ Graduation Policies for Students Who Participate in General Assessments

Synthesis-98-Cover-with-artNCEO recently published a new report, Graduation Policies for Students with Disabilities who Participate in States’ General Assessments.

The recent push for all students, including those with disabilities, to leave school ready for college and career has heightened the importance of understanding what states are requiring of students with disabilities to earn a regular diploma.

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New Data Analytics Interactive Tool on States’ Publicly Reported Assessment Results

DataAnalyticsCover1finalNCEO recently published an interactive Data Analytics report on States’ 2012-13 Publicly Reported Assessment Results for Students with Disabilities and ELLs with Disabilities. There is wide variation across states in how they publicly report participation and performance data. This is the second in a new series of Data Analytics that NCEO publishes.

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